Attorney office Kosmac LLC

Tavčarjeva ulica 4
SI-1000 Ljubljana

T: +386(0)1 300 2000
F: +386(0)1 300 2002
M: +386(0)30 300 200


Court Register entry no. 3570258000
VAT ID no. SI44731922

Bank account no.: TRR:

SI56 0201 3025 8014 290 / Nova Ljubljanska banka d.d. / SWIFT: LJBANSI2X

Escrow account:

SI56 0201 3025 8048 143 / Nova Ljubljanska banka d.d. / SWIFT: LJBANSI2X


Legal representative:

Marko Kosmac, General Manager

Attorney office Kosmac LLC is registered for VAT purposes and is entered into the directory of attorneys with the Slovenian Bar Association.

The office is open:

Monday to Thursday
8.00 - 12.00 and
13.00 - 17.00

8.00 - 12.00

Law Office Kosmac is a member of the associations:

  • odvetniska-pisarna DRAFTING CONTRACTS

    Due to its close affiliation with real estate agencies, Attorney office Kosmac is specialised in drafting sales contracts, lease contracts and contracts of exchange for real estate as well as for movables. Furthermore, we draft various other contracts pertaining to rights in rem (eg mortgage contracts, contract establishing right of superficies), building contracts, contracts for work, deeds of gift, as well as the so called inheritance contracts (ie contract on delivery and distribution of property, deed regarding gift in event of death, contract of lifelong maintenance), contract for a copyrighted work, business cooperation contracts and other contracts, both for natural persons as well as for legal entities. In cooperation with notaries we draft, review and modify contracts which have to be concluded in form of notarial deed.

    Attorney office Kosmac also performs legal reviews of contracts which have already been drafted and represents its clients in proceeding regarding the exercise of clients' rights under concluded contracts.
  • odvetnik-civilno-pravo ENFORCEMENT PROCEEDINGS

    Our team provides support to clients seeking fulfilment of obligations from their debtors. Initially we establish contact with debtors by sending them adequate dunning letters and we draft out of court settlement contracts. When required we lodge applications for enforcement on the basis of an authentic documents (in electronic form) or applications for enforcement on the basis of enforcement title. Further, we diligently monitor the development of enforcement proceedings and if required our office executes official enquiries regarding the respective debtor's assets (bank accounts, ownership of real estate, vehicles, securities and business shares in companies) and when required, we lodge additional enforcement measures.

    Attorney office Kosmac also performs legal counselling and representation in proceedings for the protection of claims by frequent use of proposals for interim measures (injunctions).

    Lawyers with Attorney office Kosmac are highly trained in drafting various incorporation documents for companies (eg articles of association, articles of Incorporation for single−person companies with limited liability, statues), representation of clients (both natural persons and legal entities) at Shareholders' meetings, performing statutory change related operations pertaining to share capital, counselling regarding restructuring of companies (mergers, divisions, transfer of assets, changing the organisational form), drafting documentation required for the execution of restructuring (eg merger by acquisition contract, merger contract, draft terms of division, etc), as well as counselling in cases of dissolution of companies, establishing foreign companies' branch offices, establishing institutes, economic interest groupings or EIG, cooperatives, groupings of institutes, societies and registration of sole proprietors.

    Attorney office Kosmac also provides preventive due diligence in order to improve the respective company's performance, and counselling, representation and performance of all actions pertaining to takeover proceedings (notification of concentration with the Competition Protection Agency, representation of the client in proceedings held before the Competition Protection Agency, legal due diligence, drafting the takeover notification, representation in proceedings held in order to obtain permission for the takeover bid, drafting the takeover bid and the prospectus).

    We should also mention drafting various other contracts pertaining to corporate law, eg controlling contracts, profit transfer contracts, share transfer contracts, etc).
  • odvetnik-gospodarsko-pravo COURT REPRESENTATION

    Attorneys and attorney candidates of Law office Kosmac provide representation in all types of court proceedings, including individual employment disputes, collective employment disputes (eg disputes regarding existence, rights and obligations deriving from the employment relationship, disputes regarding rights and obligations deriving from the relationship between the employer and user in cases where employees are sent to work to a user, etc), litigious proceedings (commercial disputes, disputes for disturbance of possession, disputes on easements and real encumbrances, disputes on lease or tenancy relations, disputes on damages claims) and in non litigious disputes (inheritance proceedings, proceedings for removal and reinstatement of legal capacity, proceedings for the prolongation and removal of the prolonged parental right, proceedings for division of items and division of joint assets, proceedings for determination of land plot boundaries, representation in Land Register proceedings, etc), representation in enforcement proceedings and in criminal proceedings (advocating the accused, representing injured parties, representing the injured party acting as a prosecutor) and in proceedings regarding misdemeanours, as well as representation in administrative disputes, in proceedings held before the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Slovenia and proceedings held before the European Court of Human Rights.

    Attorney office Kosmac also provides representation in proceedings in which the clients with the help of a neutral third person (the mediator) engage in an amicable solution to the dispute regarding a contractual or other legal relationship.

    Attorney office Kosmac represents its clients as creditors or debtors during the entire duration of insolvency proceedings (bankruptcy proceedings against a legal entity, personal bankruptcy proceedings, legacy bankruptcy proceedings and forced settlement proceedings) by drafting petitions for instituting bankruptcy proceedings and objections to the creditor’s petition, whereby we emphasise diligent care for timely notification of the client’s claims, of possible rights to a separate settlement as well as exclusion rights.
  • odvetnik-gospodarsko-pravo SUBMISSION OF LAND REGISTER PROPOSALS

    Attorney office Kosmac also drafts documentation required for the entry of rights and facts into the Land Register and represents clients in Land Register proceedings.